Almaz by Momo, Dubai

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai (UAE)


Completed / Interior DesignArea - 850m²

In 1997, Momo’s North African cooking took London by storm with its exceptional food and opulent, sophisticated ambiance. 

Momo Restaurants opened its first Almaz by Momo in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, bringing the tastes of North Africa to the Gulf with an innovative design that combines traditional Moroccan-style architecture with contemporary lines.

The massive space, spanning 850m2, extends over several open-plan rooms: the fine-dining area, the salon, the bar and shisha room.

Almaz means diamond in Arabic, and the restaurant is a jewel-like venue rich in ambiance with furniture that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary forms. The juxtaposition of materials, patterns, textures and colors creates a strong sensation of visual dynamism and spatial fluidity.

Each zone offers a different atmosphere designed for a range of activities including eating, drinking, smoking shisha, shopping, talking and lounging. In a society where privacy is so important, Almaz by Momo creates a scene where privacy and conviviality coexist simultaneously.

A massive false ceiling spans the entire 850m2 footprint, and gives structure to the concept and coherence to the fragmented spaces, creating various atmospheres throughout. Different lighting fixtures and ceiling surfaces evolve from the fine dining space, through to the less formal salon arabe and bar, and culminating in the shisha area, which has been designed for entertainment and relaxation.

The starry, diamond-shaped ceiling of the fine dining area has a series of Fractale reflective, mirrored surfaces, illuminated by extravagant lighting. Natural light seeps into the space through large moucharabiehs set into traditional Moroccan windows. Sumptuous, monochromatic, velvet seating floats on a massive carpet in colorful, arabesque, ‘zellige’ patterns which covers the entire floor, creating a luxurious stage for gourmet cuisine.

The ceiling of the salon arabe and bar is punctuated with suspended Stocking lights designed by CAI Light, which cast patterns onto the surrounding surfaces.

In the shisha area, the ceiling becomes a modern interpretation of Arab tents, reflecting traditional oriental design which is also referenced by Laser Perforated Tables

Flooring throughout the restaurant also adds pace and variety to the different spaces. Vivid, oriental, cement-colored tiles laid in diagonal strips bring each distinct area to life through a colorful wave of traditional, geometric, carpet-like patterns. 


PhotographerRoger Moukarzel