Camera Chiara

Milan (Italy)




Height2.75 m to 5.40 m

Capacity30 people

German Design Awards 2016
Iconic Awards 2015

AKK Architects was invited by Italian magazine Interni to participate in the Energy For Creativity exhibition at Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan.

The practice created Camera Chiara, a monumental, architectural, cinematic installation consisting of two pavilions named Liwan and Camera Obscura that were displayed in the Cortile 700 of the Università degli Studi di Milano. 

Liwan and Camera Obscura are telescopic structures modelled on the bellows of old cameras that face one another. 

Made from raw metal and burnt, rough wooden planks, they house a vision of everyday life in a Lebanese room. With design inspired by the diffuse light from Saint-Gobain hand-blown glass, visitors were offered a rare chance to contemplate Lebanese lifestyles presented through room sets in a cinematic installation.

Both pavilions were designed to be re-used and re-assembled in different locations after Milan 2015 - Liwan as a mobile shelter and Camera Obscura as a pop-up cinema.


PhotographerNicolò Lanfranchi

PhotographerSaverio Lombardi Vallauri